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A World Built on PowerPoint

In a world of constant change, we have one thing that should remain a constant… having strong foundations to build upon.

This should be one of the key principles when building a plan for success.

We often hear about “plans for plans” and “meetings for meetings” – but really how often have you heard or seen a strong plan built for delivery?

We believe customers deserve to receive their desired outcomes. Not based on a plan on a slide; not based on vast, unreadable (and forever unread) PowerPoint decks – but based on a plan built on strong foundations in line with the business objectives.

What’s the BIG issue here?

Firms are being drowned by fancy PowerPoint presentations with lots of fantastic graphics, shimmering images and numbers – while the substance required to back it up never seems to be presented in a manner which enables the client to deliver the change required by their business.

Our View

At Liqid, we believe that everything should be transparent, traceable – and where possible linked back to a business process with clear ownership.

PowerPoint is simply a tool – but one which should be used to convey information, and to help steer conversations – not as as a haystack in which to hide the needle of information required by the business to understand and drive the change that their organisation requires.

By making a conscious effort to understand the business model and making a very small shift in mind-set we can enable projects and programmes to be built from the foundations our customers have created and not from shiny presentations that may or may not tell the full story!

Our own toolset, Opmodal, has been designed to assist with this. Why not get in touch and see how we can transform how you tackle projects?

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