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Agile – or FrAgile ?

As an employee or a contractor how often have you walked in to an organisation to be told: “We operate in an Agile manner”?

Yes? Thought so….

It’s not unusual for you to subsequently discover that a traditional Project Manager has shoe-horned in a couple of Agile Ceremonies and a daily stand up (which takes 45 minutes and is a full, daily project debrief and low level issue discussion forum) where team meetings used to be.

This isn’t Agile….This is FrAgile. What’s the BIG issue here? We hear it all the time; “We don’t need requirements, we are Agile” “We have a daily stand up… we are Agile…”

So: why are you filling in mountains of governance and filling your days with un-necessary traditional waterfall diary entries and project plans? Which one is it?

Our View Agile has become the reference approach for modern product development in the last couple of decades. Delivery is about being lightweight, nimble and flexible: the ideal way to deliver change – which is why most organisations are looking to adopt the methodology.

When Agile works well and sits within the right organisational structure, it can deliver at pace and creates autonomy and ownership within its teams. However – what we continue to see is a misinterpretation and abuse of the core Agile values, with attempts to adopt the values and principles often being clumsy.

Having a “Scrum Team” and a Kanban Board does not make you Agile! Most often, we observe is an Agile/Waterfall hybrid approach. Organisations are delivering a weird mixture of both using whatever management jargon suits the Program/Project manager best and delivering neither particularly well.

What are your thoughts on Agile delivery through your experience and your workplace?

Let’s get talking: Is it Agile – or is it FrAgile?

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