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Business Change – It’s Not ‘Why’ it’s ‘How’

Updated: May 11, 2023

Back in the mists of time, when the more…. senior members of the Opmodal team entered the world of work, the rallying call of senior management was frequently “We must review our processes, we must be prepared to change!”

Before long, there was a suggestion box in the staff canteen, perhaps an incentive scheme for the best suggestions – and eventually everyone agreed to remove the staples from memos before sending them to the typing pool, or to put in place a rota for access to the only PC in the office.

Simpler times, familiar message.

Today, software is at the operational heart of many companies, and it is perhaps less straightforward for the teams who run a business day-to-day to feel empowered to make practical suggestions for what needs to be improved to help them build value for that firm.

We believe it is vital to remember that the majority of these software-dependent organisations are not software companies. The true test of organisational success is not the technical cleverness of the IT solution – but how well it can be leveraged to allow the firm to do what they do, to add value for their customers and for their shareholders. The key questions remain: how efficient are your business processes, how well do you know them and how do they relate within your overarching business operating model?

Same as it always was.

One of our fundamental beliefs is that the pursuit of successful change within any firm must start from the top. If you have engagement and active sponsorship from key leadership – reinforcing the message that becoming more efficient in the way you make changes to your business is a priority – you’ve already taken the first step towards implementing that change.

And here’s the rub…. if your change process can become more efficient, and focussed on delivering what the business requires to succeed – that’s going to have an amazing effect on everyone in the organisation.

If projects and BAU change become easier to deliver, if the delivery is faster and the end result is better – the morale of everyone impacted by that change is improved. People once again view change as an enabler for an organisation to grow and to become better at what they do – rather than something to be viewed with trepidation.

Efficient, focused change will have a positive ripple effect that can spread all the way through an organisation.

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