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opmodal and TTC Global announce Strategic Alliance

opmodal is thrilled to announce a strategic alliance with TTC Global, a leading software quality assurance services provider. This collaboration aims to integrate opmodal's cutting-edge Process Management, Change, and Governance solutions into TTC's robust technology offerings.

opmodal's Process Management solution provides developers and testers with a visual representation of current and target process maps, streamlining development requirements and test scenarios for process change.

This, coupled with TTC's existing suite of assurance technologies, offers a powerful dashboard for business users and operational teams to track and prepare for upcoming development changes.

In the dynamic landscape of the Financial Services Industry, which is currently undergoing a generational shift, opmodal and TTC recognise the imperative of understanding business processes and providing assurance solutions to reduce risks and costs during operational migrations.

opmodal partners expressed excitement, stating:

“At opmodal, we have created an unrivalled process management solution, bringing operational clarity with true accountability. Partnering with TTC to bolster their market leading technology solutions, leveraging their global presence and their best practices will enhance connectivity between opmodal and development platforms, enabling faster and visually impactful process changes. This ensures tighter control and assurance for client go live events.”

“Partnering with opmodal aligns seamlessly with our mission of improving the quality of software for our global customers,” states Darren Webber, CEO UK at TTC Global. “Our shared commitment to delivering quality outcomes will undoubtedly enhance our ability to serve our clients. Together, we look forward to maximising operational clarity and optimising change implementation in order to continue driving value for organisations across the globe."

About TTC Global

TTC Global, a leading global software assurance provider since 2004, focuses on transforming technology delivery for organizations worldwide.

With offices spanning New Zealand, Australia, Asia, Americas, and Europe, TTC collaborates closely with the world's largest organisations. For more information, visit TTC Global

About opmodal

opmodal offers a comprehensive process management platform, including a mapping tool, governance hub, and change tool. These capabilities provide businesses with operational clarity, tighter control, and faster change implementation. opmodal reduces the impact of poorly understood operating models, enabling iterative continuous improvement and substantial cost reductions in operational changes.

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